Shades Pakistan

Shades Pakistan

Shades is a student-run organization, established in May 2013, which aims to provide a leadership platform to students of underprivileged areas of interior Sindh. The organization follows a Student Council Election-based Model with an aim to empower students. Its reach has spread to the student bodies of four Union Councils of Taluka Hyderabad in interior Sindh i.e. Tando Jam, Moosa Khathyan, Sawan Khan Gopang and Tando Qaiser. Within a year, the organization has emerged as the largest student body of the town with membership exceeding hundred.

The primary goal of Shades is to provide a leadership platform to students through which they can interact with each other, grow together and harness their intellectual and experiential learning.

Shades has been behind the organization and management of multiple events and projects initiated by the RETO team. ShADES has been the driving force behind some of the biggest events held in the region including ShADES of Careers, ShADES of Pakistan and ShADES Olympiad 2014. It has also organized annual events of schools and other academies. By now, in a year, Shades has touched more than 2000 lives.

Shades is headed by an elected body called Shades Student Council which is governed by two elected members, President and Vice President. President and Vice President run the organization with four supportive roles namely Facilitators for Sports, Communication, Logistics and Treasury. Moreover, a Campus Ambassador is selected from every educational institute of the town who is responsible for two way communication between Shades Student Council and the Shades Student Body.