Smart Study Program

Smart Study Program

We at RETO believe that behind any success, there are equal parts of luck and hard work. While students from rural areas are far ahead than their urban counterparts when it comes to hard work, unfortunately luck is not on their side and their social situation constrains them from achieving what they are capable of.

RETO has therefore set up a program through which it trains and equips students for effective studying techniques and skill development exercises. Not only do these programs have proven useful in everyday learning, but these programs have been very useful when these students compete against their counterparts in university entry tests.

The first Smart Study Program (SSP) was launched during the summers of 2013. Since, currently the capacity of RETO is limited, only top students of the town are selected through rigorous test and interview. Training is then provided under the guidance of well-accomplished students who were studying in renowned institutions across Pakistan or had recently graduated from them.

With the passage of time, RETO aims to enroll many students in its Smart Study Program (SSP) and help them to attend university.

Sample Paper SSP 2016
SSP Aptitude Test Rule Book 2016