Career Guidance Program

Career Guidance Program

It is no secret that throughout life one keeps discovering the opportunities that the world has to offer. Some make these discoveries quicker due to their family and surroundings. A majority of people still look back and think "I wish I had known xyz so I could have made a different decision". Nowhere is this more prevalent than when it comes to career opportunities.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of information in rural areas, this is an even bigger problem where many people go through their entire lives not knowing avenues through which they can explore their natural skills, talents and interests.

With the above problem in mind, RETO has come up with a solution wherein it regularly provides career guidance to students in rural areas. These come in the form of organized programs and one-to-one counseling. The counseling is thereafter followed up with mentoring to provide as much assistance as possible to allow students to achieve their dreams.

The people behind the project are young professionals who have had the opportunity to attend renowned universities and work with prestigious institutions. The professionals having been in the intended beneficiary's position only recently have a good idea of the realities faced by them, and can therefore guide them accordingly.

In future, RETO also plans to collaborate with experts in the field of career counseling to increase the effectiveness of the program for everyone.