Workshop on Scholarship Applications

Workshop on Scholarship Applications

  • Sunday, January 3, 2016

Our students are taking the ownership and conducting workshops on scholarships and application criteria for various academic institutions of Pakistan including IBA, Mehra, NUST, LUMS and many others. RETO is proud that students have very quickly become a part of this change-making process. They are the coming leaders of tomorrow for their communities and whole Pakistan.

Mr. Labesh, President of Shades Pakistan, was invited by NTHP Scholarship Program offered by IBA Karachi, to conduct the workshop on scholarship availability and its eligibility criteria in rural Sindh for students of rural areas.

Taking the beacon forward, other Shades alumni members also joined the caravan to make other students from rural areas more informed about the various universities and scholarship opportunities that are out there for them.

These workshops have been of great help since the last two and a half years. Many of our students were able to get scholarships in different institutions throughout the Pakistan.