Workshop on E-learning and Scholarships Accessibility

Workshop on E-learning and Scholarships Accessibility

  • Saturday, September 12, 2015

In-line with the mission of blending education with technology, RETO’s Shades’ alumni team has conducted the workshop on E-learning and Scholarships Accessibility on 12th Sep, 2015, addressing the students of Sargodhian Spirit Trust (SST) Public School Rashidabad.

The team of RETO was invited as part of IT Expo organized by SST Rashidabad to help their students become more aware of various career choices and scholarship opportunities within Pakistan and outside Pakistan; and RETO is taking the lead in Interior Sindh to make students realize these opportunities.

With a participation of 70 students, the workshop was followed by Q&A session conducted by RETO’s team.

The IT Expo event was attended by an overwhelming number of academic institutions with a participation exceeding thousand students.

Shariq Akbar, a BS-Mechanical undergraduate scholar at NUST and Head of Shades Science Club, delivered a lecture on different engineering fields, their applications and the scholarships for them.

One of the students commented, “I have always aimed to go in defense forces but never thought about plan B in my life but now I have to make few career plans and work hard to achieve them”.

Later, Awinash Goswami, a BS-Computer Science undergraduate at UMT Lahore and Head of Shades Computer Science Club, told the students about the different fields in computer science and their job market.

Thrilled by the positive response of the students and the need of making them realize and grab these opportunities; RETO aims to further bridge this gap between students and opportunities by connecting them with more opportunities through emails and social media websites all year round.